Year 1 enjoy a brilliant day at Stourhead

Year 1 picked a perfect Spring day for their trip to Stourhead.

We enjoyed a snack and drink in the sunshine and then headed to the church to discover some of the special features of churches, both inside and out, that we have been learning about in RE. The children were amazed that parts of the church were over 700 years old!

After an early picnic lunch, we set off to explore Stourhead. The children enjoyed visiting the ice house and were fascinated to hear how the ice was collected and stored to be used for chilling food before the time of electricity and refrigerators, linking very nicely with our topic work Home Sweet Home and the history of homes. We then followed the paths and walked all the way round the lake, looking for signs of spring and enjoying all the sights along the way. The children made a collection of natural things along their journey, watched the ducks and geese, explored the Grotto, and finally climbed up the hill through the Rock Arch to the Temple of Apollo and admired the spectacular view!

A brilliant day for all.

Click here to see all the photographs in our Flickr album

Miss Lee

Hazlegrove PrePrep children are happy children…

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