STEM Fest week: The brilliant Immersive Planetarium

On the Wednesday of STEM Fest week saw the whole Pre-Prep visit the amazing 7m planetarium dome set up in the Sports Hall.

When the roof of the planetarium opened up, the children watched in wonder as the night sky appeared. They learnt about the stars and the space station before a special 360° film.

Year 1 and 2 followed the story of a special star. They travelled the universe with the little star, looking closely at different constellations. The children explored the planets in our solar system, learnt about sunset and sunrise and why we can’t see stars during daylight hours.

Nursery and Reception learnt about different round shapes in space – deciding if they were round like a pancake or round like a ball.  The children were transfixed as shapes flew all around them on the 360° planetarium walls.

The children and adults were fascinated and thoroughly enjoyed their journey into space.

Mrs Jenkins

Hazlegrove PrePrep children are happy children…


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