Year 1 have been learning about ‘Our School’

We went on a tour to discover the history of the school. The children were amazed to hear that the King John’s Oak may be nearly 1000 years old, and that part of the main house dates back to Tudor times. We visited the Aragon Room with its original plaster ceiling, showing the Tudor rose and pomegranate, suggesting that the house may have been built in the time of Catherine of Aragon. We then went to the Headmaster’s Study to see the portrait of Carew Hervey Mildmay, who nearly 300 years ago, commissioned the re-modelling of Hazlegrove House in the Italian Style. The children were very interested to see the painting of Hazlegrove House set in a Venetian style landscape.

We looked at old photos; standing on the spot where they were taken, and observed the differences between then and now. The children were all rather pleased that the swimming pool is no longer outside, but in the Sports Hall built on the site of an old orchard. The apple trees and the high wall are all that remain of the kitchen gardens that were once where the Pre-Prep is now. We identified which buildings were old and which were new and realised how lucky we are to be at a school with such a history.
Miss Lee.

Click here to see all the photographs in our Flickr album.

Hazlegrove PrePrep children are happy children…

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