Year 1 Review

The theme for the Year 1 Summer Review this term was ‘Cats’, a subject that has inspired by some wonderfully creative work.

Our Review began with two Musical items, both with feline themes! Firstly, the children demonstrated their musical skills by working collaboratively to create a new song based round a familiar tune. Then the audience and the children alike were all able to enjoy watching a ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoon, the soundtrack of which had been made by the Year 1 children themselves. Under the guidance of Mr Marquiss, each child selected a suitable percussion instrument to provide an appropriate ‘sound effect’ for the antics of the famous cat and mouse!

Mrs Arnold had been wanting to introduce tap dancing into the curriculum for some time. She mentioned this to Year 1 and they were so keen that she ordered a pair of tap shoes for each child and they became ‘The Fab Fifteen Tap Dancing Cats’. They really were fabulous cats and clearly enjoyed the performance!

In order to link the work in Drama and Music with other areas of the curriculum, the children painted and sketched pictures of cats, modelled cats out of clay and designed and made our own cat hand puppets!

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