An exciting morning full of dance, music and laughter.

The Pre-Prep enjoyed an exciting morning full of dance, music and laughter.

Inspired by a video compilation of dance which included Ballet, Tap, Bollywood, Musical Theatre, Break Dancing and Jive, the children took part in a carousel of activities. With Miss Bell they tested their Pop dance moves to the hit 70’s song ‘Do The Hustle’ and also had a chance to show off their individual dance moves in the ‘Dance off circle’. With Mrs Arnold the children warmed up to classical music, worked on choreography to musical theatre tunes and finished off dancing to funky modern pop music!

It was wonderful for them to see some of Mrs Arnold’s dance shoes, including the jazz shoes she wore on stage in ‘Cats’ and her pointe shoes from ‘Phantom of the Opera’.

“It has been an absolute pleasure to meet and teach the Reception class this morning.” said Mrs Arnold, Head of Dance and Drama. “They were all completely engaged in our dance routine and I look forward to seeing them on a weekly basis next Year. Year 1 and 2 have made exciting progress since September. Their ability to pick up choreography and their technical ability is of a very encouraging standard for their age group.”

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