Year 1 visited Gore Farm in Trent on a beautiful sunny day.

During the morning we made a tour of the farm itself; we met all the animals, fed the lambs with bottles, met the piglets and watched the calves have their late breakfast. The goats, Tom and Ben, were very entertaining and are both such characters! A particular highlight for the children during this morning session was the opportunity to observe at close quarters some baby quail, goslings and turkey poults.

After a picnic lunch, we had a wonderful trailer ride to visit the Parks Plantation. The weather continued to be kind to us and under Mrs Casely’s guidance, we explored the woods and collected plants and mini-beasts of all shapes and sizes, including some impressively large beetles and slugs!

All in all, we had a truly unforgettable day and we are very grateful to Stuart and Tessa Casely for all their hard work and for everything they did to make us feel so welcome.

Click here to view more photos on flickr

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