Cairo to Cape Town for World Bicycle Relief

Nick Bourne

The Pre-Prep were completely inspired when Pre-Prep parent Nicholas Bourne joined an assembly to tell the children about his amazing CAROCAP experience. Nick is one of 3 athletes who cycled from Cairo to Cape Town, a distance of 10,800 km, in 38 days from 09/10/2015 to 15/11/2015 and in so doing beat the existing 42 day record.

The event traversed 9 countries: Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. For more information visit

In addition to record breaking, CAROCAP supported “World Bicycle Relief” and the realization of a world where distance no longer prevents access to healthcare, education and economic opportunity.

The children are looking forward to bringing their bikes, trikes and scooters to school tomorrow in order to take part in our own cycle event to raise money for World Bicycle Relief.




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